Tips to keep your gold jewellery shiny !

Gold jewellery has always been a priced possession for women. Their love for gold and silver jewelleryis a never – ending affair. Be it a wedding, festival, birthdays or anniversaries or any other special occasion, the women have a different vision for the jewellery. They want to look good and feel good even with the old- fashioned one. To keep up the good with your jewellery, there are some handy tips which help you to keep your luxuries as new as possible.

The tips are simple to keep your gold jewellery forever shiny. These simple tips can be applied at home without going to the shopkeeper. One can use dishwasher gel or bar to get rid of dirt particles from the accessory say rings, anklets, bracelets, earrings and much more. You simply need to soak your gold items in lukewarm water mixed with dishwasher gel liquid. Rub them gently to make them shine again. Or you can rub toothpaste or even baking soda to help yourselves. One can also go for card paper or chalk for keeping your gold and silver jewellery shine bright. You can also store your priced jewellery in an air – tight container in order to prevent its exposure with the atmospheric air which tends to tarnish the product.

The gold and silver jewellery can be kept bind between the cotton, velvet or special kind of cloth to keep them away from tarnishing. This is the most popular method that is followed to restrain the gold jewellery from losing its original luster and look. One need to invest in such priced possessions which may be beneficial in the long term investment.

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